Ultimate Charting Software Series

Day #1 – Introduction to Market Traders Institute with Joshua Martinez


Welcome to your Ultimate Trading Playbook and welcome to Market Traders Institute!

Today we want to give you a bit of background on not only the Ultimate Charting Software, but also our company. Plus, we want to make sure you get a chance to watch our Onboarding videos for your Ultimate Charting Software — which you’ll find below.  

You’re going to learn a lot over the next 21 days, so make sure you come back every day for our latest video.  We’ll go into the psychology of trading, we’ll share several trading strategies with you and most importantly we’ll explain how all of the features of the Ultimate Charting Software work to help you make money.

Complete The Training Below!

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Open the Ultimate Charting Software and familiarize yourself with how to login and open your charts.  Once you have your software open, follow along with Josh in the videos here.

After you’ve watched these videos, tomorrow’s email will include your two free unlocked rewards!

Also, call your personal Account Representative at 407-585-0600  sometime in the next two days and introduce yourself.

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We’re always analyzing the market and sharing upcoming trading opportunities with our students. Join us in a free webinar.

Determine market direction and identify optimal entry and exit points when you spot these candlestick formations on your charts

We’re here to help. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

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